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Astronomsko astronauticko drustvo ZagrebYou can find my pictures of Hale-Bopp in photoalbum.....
Visnjan observatorySome pictures (with descriptions) which are photographed from Visnjan 40cm telescope.

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Hale-Bopp homepage


All about comet Hale-Bopp including some data, texts of discoverers (A. Hale, T. Bopp), different news about comet, explaination of H-B companion (SLO), support HB magazine. You can find nice amateur pictures in "Gallery".
HST pictures Hale-BoppPictures (gif, jpeg, tiff) of Hale-Bopp including detailed description of this pictures.
NEW!! (27. March)
Comet news One of the well-known sites for comets. Best overall resource for info on Hale-Bopp and other comets. Visited over 1000 times per day. (It is worth to see it!)
Comet section of British Astronomical AssociationReports about comets, tips for observing comets, links to other pages.
Comet factsTheory about comets, history of comets, links to other pages.
International Comet QuarterlyMagnitude reports and estimates, data about other comets
More images of the comet movies (Mac), finder charts.
The Comet Watch Programabout Comet watch program, nice pictures
Gary Kronk's Comet PageInfo about current bright comets and historical comets ("comet Hysteria"). Page also including observations (pictures), charts ("find the comet"), links to other pages, tips....
The comet page is part of Kronk's Comets and Meteor Showers page. (Very Nice!). Visited over 160000 times.
Comet Hale-Bopp imagesLatest news, over 3100 Hale-Bopp images (bigest collection), animations, viewing hints & tips, links to other pages..... and more...
This site is receiving over 700000 hits per day!
Mirror site is (in case that is slow) http://galileo.ivv.nasa.gov/comet